Elijah Echeveste's Story

Born and raised in Victoria, Texas, Elijah grew up watching Secret City by Mark Kistler and of course Bob Ross. For years Elijah continued to sketch everything he could, built everything he could (spaceships with milk cartons and toilet paper rolls) and always followed his passion for drawing, sketching and being creative. His mother supported his creative interests by purchasing tools for painting, attending art events at the Victoria library and taking many trips to museums in Houston, Corpus Christi and Victoria, Texas.

Throughout his middle and high school years he drew the names of friends in unique graffiti styles and with calligraphy markers on school paper.  He drew with charcoal pencils, prisma colors and markers of various sorts in art classes.  Near the end of high school he grabbed a copy of Adobe Photoshop and began using it for his friend’s art projects and for his family’s recycling center ads to be used in the Victoria, Texas newspaper and in their phonebook.  Old school!

High school is where Elijah discovered his passion for photography and video.  He started capturing photographs with his father’s Minolta X-700 camera.  Capturing landscapes, sunsets and animals and sometimes live music events is what he spent his time with.  He then started capturing video with a first generation video-tape camera by Sony and began using Final Cut in the early 2000’s to begin video editing.  Today Elijah uses a wide range of software and hardware to help him in his quest of helping others fulfill their imaginations with Digital and Human Experiences.


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